Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wedding Photography

* Tell us a little about your self. How long have you been in the photography field? My name is Lou Gonzalez and I am the Lead Photographer for LifeShare Photography. Being involved in Photography for the last 20 years, my schooling, family and value of heritage have significantly shaped and nurtured my love for Photography. But the real reason I really enjoy Wedding Photography is I love working with people. Photography is all about how we interact with each other and the world. Capturing those moments is a real joy and honor. I also value good customer service. That’s why my ultimate goal is to make sure our customers are totally satisfied. Not because that’s my job, but because I feel that’s what all customers deserve. And I truly enjoy seeing that smile on a customers face when they see their pictures. That’s the greatest reward. Want to know more about me? Click here.
* Do you work alone? No. I have a dedicated Photographer who assists me with setup and posing. His main role is taking alternate photographs during the event. This allows us to offers our clients superior coverage and increases the chance of capturing the best possible images. You ALWAYS get two Photographers when you use our service.

* What type of equipment do you use? We use Canon professional digital cameras and gear. All equipment is state of the art and allows us to capture high quality photographs. We also use professional editing software to make sure each and every image is optimized for superior color and clarity. We literally go through every image and edit and enhance each one manually, ensuring the best possible photographs. * We also bring lighting gear (lights, stands, umbrellas) to each of our events in case we need extra light or to add light to scene.

* Do you have back up equipment? Yes. Both my assistant and I have back up cameras and lighting gear. Since our equipment is well maintained, equipment failure is unlikely, but certainly possible. That’s why we bring our backup gear to every shoot.

* Are there advantages to shooting in digital format vs. film? Digital images have many extra advantages. You can view them on our web site and show them to friends and relatives. If you choose, you can receive your images on CD or DVD, so you can view them on your home computer or television. Using digital images, we can also create elegant DVD slideshows accompanied with romantic music. A high percentage of our clients don’t ever hire a videographer because of the high quality DVD slideshows we offer. Using digital images also allows us to easily correct blemishes, wrinkles, scars, etc so you look your very best in the photographs. It also allows us to apply special effects, create artistic color enhancements or sepia toned renditions.

* How would you categorize your photographic style? We work in a combination of styles. For weddings, we like to give couples a variety of both posed and candid photographs. We also capture candid photographs that are taken without the subjects knowledge for a more natural coverage of the day. Ultimately, we shoot the event in the style that the client prefers.

* We like your Special Effects shots (black and white, soft glow, selective color). Does it cost extra for that? There is no charge for this. We provide this as a standard part of all of our offerings. While reviewing your event photographs, we identify certain images that we feel would benefit from special treatment. Some images look amazing when converted to Black and White or when a soft glow is applied. Since we shoot digitally, we preserve the original color copy of the image so our clients still have the option of using the original version of the image. If a client would like us to apply a special effect against an image that doesn’t have one, they can let us know and we will certainly do that for them at no charge. If however, you prefer your images to NOT have these effects, please let us know and we will certainly not add them.

* How many pictures do we get? Is there a limit to the number of images we receive? There is no photographic limit or maximum number of photos you receive. Here’s how it works: however many hours of time you have hired us for, you get all of the images taken from that time frame – how ever many that might be. As you may realize, not every photograph will be a “keeper”. So before delivering the images to the customer, we go through all of them, weed out any shots that may be unfavorable, then touch them up or enhance them as needed. Any photographs you receive from us will be well exposed, in focus and worth keeping.

We sometimes get asked “How may pictures do you take an hour? That’s a question that doesn’t have an easy answer. It depends on which hour you’re talking about. During the “ceremony” hour, we take MANY photos. And since you’d be getting two photographers, we can literally take hundreds of photos in that time span. But during the “dinner” hour, the number of pictures taken would be much less. Since there are many variables that effect the number of pictures we take (length of time, weather, number of shoot locations, number of people in the party, venue layout, etc), we hesitate to quote a specific number of images to be delivered. But rest assured, you will get many more images versus any solo photographer service. That’s the major benefit of having two photographers – thorough coverage of the event and a larger quantity of images delivered to the client. Please note however that our focus is not quantity – it is Quality.

* After the event, do you keep the digital originals? We keep a copy for backup purposes but they are included in all of the packages we offer. This allows customers to print them at will, either at home or from a photo lab. We do provide a Photographer’s Release to our customers so you can have the images printed from a 3rd party photo finisher. This alleviates any issues of copyright. If you prefer traditional prints only, we do provide the option of proof books and ordering traditional prints. The digital originals can be purchased separately as well. High resolution files are kept on file at an offsite safe deposit box in case a backup copy of your images is ever needed.

* How long do we have to wait to view the photographs? The 1st thing you will see from us is your wedding album design. We strive to get that to you within 1 -2 weeks. We post the images to our web site for easy browsing. Once the album design is reviewed and approved, we then post the individual images in a gallery for your enjoyment. We can also password protect galleries as well if you prefer privacy. Shortly after that we burn the images to CD or DVD and give them to you, along with any other items you may have coming.

* What happens if there’s an emergency and you can’t make it to my wedding? As part of our agreement, if for some reason, I or my partner cannot make it to a reserved event, we are fully responsible for finding a comparable substitute. We have many professional contacts within the industry that can assist if the need arises.

* We really like your work. How much do you charge and what types of services do you offer? We have a variety of options available. For a summary of our packages and services, visit our Photography Packages page. If you’re interested in retaining our services, download our agreement. It includes our general terms and conditions as well. Also please take a moment to view our process web page which explains how things work before and after the wedding.

* We think our wedding will last around 8 hours. What if we need you to stay longer? We never book more than one wedding per day so staying longer is never a problem. Normally when covering an event, about 15 minutes before our scheduled end time, we inform the bride or groom that our coverage time will be ending. If the client asks us to stay longer, we can stay but an hourly rate of $200 / hour applies (in 30 minute increments, rounded up to the nearest next 30 minutes. Example: If we stay an additional 1 hour and 15 minutes, the client would get billed for 1 hour and 30 minutes). This extra balance would be due to us before the photographs are posted on our site or delivered to the client.

* We’d like to secure your services and book a date. Where do we begin? Feel free to contact me via email or phone. We can then setup a consultation and discuss the details of your events and get to know each other. We feel it’s important to meet face to face to make sure the chemistry is there and that both parties are on the same page in terms of what’s required. If you feel that we’re a good fit for your needs, the first thing you’ll need to do is fill out our agreement as best as you can, sign it, and mail that and your retainer of $500 to the below address (See our Terms of Payment page). This will secure your date and our services.

Mail your retainer to:

Lou Gonzalez
87 Lacey Lane
Rochester, NY 14420

Please make checks payable to : Lou Gonzalez

Once your date is secured, we usually like to meet once again a week or two before the event to go over everything again to make sure things haven’t changed significantly. Once the details are finalized, we’re ready to go.

And of course, if you have any additional questions, please let us know and we’ll do our best to answer them.

We hope to hear from you soon!