When someone makes mention of casinos, what comes to people’s minds first are not paintings and beautiful artworks. It’s the chips, tables, bright lights, and slot machines. However, casinos spend significant sums on works of art so that they can be a part of their décor. Interestingly, these casinos are also among the biggest hosts of famous paintings.

Many of these establishments are home to some of the fascinating and renowned paintings in the world. Now, you might wonder what paintings have to do with casinos. Well, such establishments are places where many wealthy individuals arrive to show off their wealth. Not many casinos have the same class. It is mostly the high-end casinos that would spend colossal amounts for impressing their wealthy and affluent clients.

They create a healthy environment for their clients to play by displaying such rare and expensive paintings. It is, in a way, a marketing strategy of the casinos to attract a certain class of customers. Here’s a list of some elegant casinos for you that are home to famous paintings:

1. Bellagio

Owned by The Blackstone Group, Bellagio is a luxury hotel, resort, and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip. It is also famous for its art gallery, which is the ultimate venue in Las Vegas for high-end exhibitions. Many paintings and other works of art can be seen in the art gallery of Bellagio.

Among them are the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, a world-renowned Dutch painter. The works of artists such as Claude Monet and Edgar Degas can also be found here. After Bellagio showcased these artworks in its gallery, the trend began catching up with many other casinos as well.

2. Wynn Las Vegas

This charming resort and casino is a property of Wynn Resorts and is spread across 215 acres. Located in Las Vegas, this resort houses many paintings that are from the personal collection of Steve Wynn. When the Wynn gallery closed in 2009, he housed his private artworks in many of his properties.

Among the notable paintings in his collection is Tulips by Jeff Koon and Full Fathom Five by Tim Bayington. Today, this casino is like a grand art exhibition, though still pretty much focused on gambling. You’ll find the paintings and other works of art strategically placed in areas with high customer traffic.

3. Palms Casino Resort

Located near the Las Vegas Strip, Palms Casino Resort was owned originally by the Maloof family. Today, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians owns and operates this hotel and casino. It is yet another popular casino in Las Vegas, which houses a vast collection of art.

This collection includes a famous painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat. It has been placed in a private suite. Another famed work of art in this collection is an artwork by Damien Hirst.

4. Live! Casino & Hotel

Located in Hanover, Maryland, this casino hotel opened in 2012. The hotel is Anne Arundel County’s tallest building at 17 stories. There are more than 3,900 slot machines and electronic table games in the casino. It also features 52 poker tables and 189 live table games.

To impress its customers, it has some incredible artworks on display. Among them are the paintings from artists such as Andy Warhol. The fabric sculptures from Nick Cave are also among the works of art on display in this casino hotel.

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