Watercolors are sensitive but they are also among the oldest mediums of art in the world. One of the most popular works of art in the world was created using watercolor. Titled Young Hare, it was the creation of Albrecht Durer, a German artist. This watercolor painting is currently in Vienna’s Albertina museum.

The origins of watercolor go back to the Paleolithic period. This is evident from the traces of this medium in the cave paintings. Watercolor art is perhaps the most simple among the art forms to create. It just needs a paper, brush, some paints of different shades, and water.

You might know some of the greatest painters who were famous for their watercolor artworks. Among them were William Blake, James Whistler, and Georgia O’Keeffe. Now, let’s know more about some contemporary artists who have create watercolor paintings:

1. Larry Bell

Although Larry Bell is famous for his sculptures, he is also known for his watercolor paintings. The inspiration for these paintings come from his interest in Abstract Expressionism. He is also credited for introducing ‘mirage works’ and ‘vapor drawings’.

PET and laminate film strips, coloring sheets of paper, and thin film deposition technology were used in these works. Known as ‘Cube Sculptures’, these works depict geometric compositions in a three-dimensional form.

2. Sukran Moral

She is quite popular in the world of Turkish art in recent times. Sukran Moral has no fear of the conservatives and even shocks them at times by speaking her mind. Although watercolor art only forms a small part of her practice, it’s enough to cause some provocation.

Her works deal with everything that’s not in accordance with the acceptable norms or order. Transsexuals, immigrants, the mentally ill, and prostitutes are some of them.

3. Cecily Brown

She is a painter who mainly works on paper and canvas. Cecily Brown also produces prints. Her works are highly abstract and representational, incorporating nudes and figures with rich colors and expressive strokes of brush. You might not readily understand what you’re seeing when you look at her works of art.

It is mainly because of a constant flow of forms, colors, and lines. Her watercolor paintings focus more on nature and are simpler with regards to color. However, they’re less figurative in terms of depiction, which gives a sense of ambiguity or chaos.

4. Don Bachardy

Don Bachardy began his career during the times when Abstract Expressionism was in vogue. He guided his art of making portraits towards figurative painting, which had a great visual impact. He has managed to transmit some powerful emotions through the faces of many individuals ever since. These were the ones who were willing to sit for him despite their inconveniences.

He used watercolors rather boldly, which turned him into one of the best artists in the field. Often when someone mentions his name, many think of his collection ‘Hollywood’. It comprises portraits of the most familiar faces from this world-renowned film industry.

5. Dima Rebus

Born in Russia, Dima Rebus is famous for his works of art that move between reality and the surreal. Besides creating artworks for himself, he works on illustrations for publishing houses and magazines. His works are accompanied by cheeky titles, depicting humans and their strange situations.

One of his works was even chosen for the image of the film Saints & Strangers from National Geographic. At times, his Russian roots inspire his technique. His works have some amazing details and are extremely impeccable and thought-provoking.

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